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Understand the importance and respect for the privacy of the personal information ("Information") of visitors to the website and use the services of TNT Travel (visitors to the website and / or purchase products, use the service of TNT Travel hereinafter collectively referred to as "Customer"); The website ("Website", "Products" and "Services") are hereby referred to as "Services", in good faith - TNT Travel with this Privacy Policy. the purpose of gathering information; the scope and mode of information collection; scope of use, object of access, time of information storage; links and third-party products on the website; commitment to confidentiality; rights and responsibilities of the Customer; information and method of contact mentioned in this Policy.


1.1 TNT Travel Co., Ltd understands the importance and respect of the right to privacy of information ("information") of visitors to the website and use the services of TNT Travel. refer to the website and / or purchase the product, use the services of TNT Travel hereinafter referred to as "Customer"); The website ("Website", "Products" and "Services") are hereby referred to as "Services", in good faith - TNT Travel with this Privacy Policy. the purpose of gathering information; the scope and mode of information collection; scope of use, object of access, time of information storage; links and third-party products on the website; commitment to confidentiality; rights and responsibilities of the Customer; information and method of contact mentioned in this Policy.

1.2 This Policy applies to all TNT Travel Services, but from time to time, for each Service or portion of the Service, subject to the specificity and requirements of the Service TNT Travel. may modify / supplement the content of this Policy to apply exclusively to those particular Services.

1.3 This Policy applies when Customer visits the Website, uses the Service on the TNT Travel Website, and at any time Customer accesses the Service on the Website provided by TNT Travel, and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of TNT Travel in this Policy (including any amendments or additions from time to time).

1.4 Depending on the situation, actual security needs, TNT Travel may adjust this Policy without notice or consent of the Customer. By updating this policy, TMV will revise the "Last Updated" time at the end of this Policy, so before accessing the TNT Travel Services, Customer should regularly check Check back for Policy Information for the latest updates.



TNT Travel collects Customer Information primarily for the purpose of supporting, maintaining contact with Customers such as:

2.1 Maintain contact with customers, answer questions of customers related to TNT Travel Services

2.2 Improve the Quality of TNT Travel Services and / or the Services of TNT Travel Affiliates ("Subsidiaries").

2.3 Establish loyalty programs or other trade promotion programs.

2.4 Dealing with issues relating to the use of the Services by Customer or transactions between TNT Travel and Customer.

2.5 Send open letters, orders, thank letters.

2.6 Notify the Customer of promotional information, advertising or for other purposes of direct marketing or trade promotion with Customer's prior consent.

2.7 Announcement of recruitment information of TNT Travel if customer subscribes to email notification.

2.8 Evaluation and analysis of markets, customers, services of TNT Travel.

2.9. Support when customers purchase tour and / or use TNT Travel Services.

2.10 TNT Travel collects information to serve for the purposes of controlling, improving the quality of the Service such as.

a) Controlling access to, using the TNT Travel Services.

b) Analysis and optimization of TNT Travel Services.

2.11 Other items that TNT Travel is permitted to use The information is not contrary to the law.



3.1 Customer information that TNT Travel will collect includes:

a) Full name.

b) Phone number.

c) Email.

d) Permanent address.

3.2 For each Service, other specific collection purposes, TNT Travel may from time to time request Customer to provide additional Information to ensure Customer's use of the Service or to secure The transaction between TNT Travel and customers is smooth, convenient.

3.3 For the collection of Information referred to in this Policy, TNT Travel will always facilitate by setting the features on the Website interface to Customer's option to decide whether to provide or refuse to provide Information for TNT Travel.


In order to ensure that the information collected is accurate and complete, TNT Travel may, in its sole discretion, choose to use the information collected collectively or collectively the following information: 4.1. Information: TNT Travel can ask Customer to provide Information in the following cases:

a) Some TNT Travel Services allow / request the Customer to create accounts or personal profiles, and for best use of these Services, TNT Travel may require Customer to provide the Information referred to in Section 3 above to meet Customer's use of the Service.

b) In case the customer requests TNT Travel to answer questions related to the TNT Travel Service or to the customer requesting TNT Travel to provide the Service, for example, the tour assistance request and the TNT Travel tour itinerary. Can require Customer to provide Information to handle customer requests quickly, accurately.

c) Other required collection of information depending on TNT Travel's collection needs.

d) TNT Travel will always provide the option of making a decision whether or not to provide Customer Information. Where Customer chooses not to provide Information, there may be some Services, transactions that are not possible or some of the Customer transactions will be accessed under Guest mode.

4.2 TNT Travel self-gathering information

a) Collection of Information from third-party sources. TNT Travel may receive Customer Information that is publicly available on any third party's ecommerce websites or receives Customer Information from third parties when TNT Travel engages in any transaction. transfer of such information.

b) Collected during the implementation of the Service. During the implementation of the Service, TNT Travel may also collect Customer Information in other ways that are consistent with Customer's consent to such collection.

c) Collected during Customer's use of the Services. Some TNT Travel Services allow Customer to contact third parties, such communications will be communicated and the information generated during such communications may be stored on TNT Travel's system. .


4.3 Merging Information: TNT Travel may consolidate TNT Travel's Customer Information obtained through the collection by the various means referred to in this Section as a complete operation. Information to serve items The purpose of this Policy is without the prior consent of Customer. However, Customer has the right to choose his or her Information as provided in Section 10.1 of this Policy.



Customer information collected for use for the purpose stated in Section 2 of this Policy. In addition, the information is used within TNT Travel and / or TNT Travel (agents).



6.1 For the purpose of collecting the information referred to in this Policy, TNT Travel may require third party support for data analysis, marketing and customer service support, and / or to provide the Services. Better for Customers. During the support process, Customer Information may be disclosed to TNT Travel by the following entities:

a) TNT Travel's affiliated units are affiliated with TNT Travel and are required to complete / complete the established transaction between TNT Travel and Customer.

b) Business partners that TNT Travel believes in, the disclosure and responsibility for the confidentiality of Customer Information will be governed by the agreement between TMV and TNT Travel's business partner.

6.2 In order to develop business or in the event of force majeure TNT Travel may be required to carry out reorganization, transfer, dissolution or bankruptcy of the company, in which case the inheritance or transfer of TNT Travel may receive Customer Information to replace TNT Travel to continue providing and performing the Services to Customer.

6.3 TNT Travel will be required to disclose Customer Information to a third party or to a competent authority when required by the competent authority or otherwise pursuant to law or TNT Travel. believes that the disclosure of Information may protect the rights, property or safety of Customer or TNT Travel.

6.4 Other parties upon the agreement or instruction of the Customer.


TNT Travel will only retain Customer Information in the time necessary for the purpose for which Information was collected.



8.1 Some of the content, advertising and features on the TNT Travel website may be provided by third parties, whether or not affiliated with TNT Travel. These third parties may collect or receive certain information about Customer use of the Service, including through the use of Cookies, Beacons and similar technologies, and such Information may be collected under time, and is associated with information collected on various websites and online services.

8.2 If Customer connects to the social networking service, TNT Travel may receive and store the Credentials from that Service to enable Customer to log in, as well as other Information that Customer has authorized TNT Travel to receive. when Customer connects to those services.

8.3 By accessing and / or using the TNT Travel Services, Customer agrees to store Cookies, Beacons, other local storage technologies. Customer also agrees to access Cookie, Beacon, TNT Travel's local storage technology, and third parties mentioned above.

8.4 As stated above, TNT Travel Services may have links to other Third Party Websites not under TMV's control, so TNT Travel shall not be responsible for the safety or security of any TNV Travel. Any Information collected by such Third Parties, is not made available on the website or TNT Travel has the right to control and / or control. TNT Travel advises Customer to exercise caution and review the Privacy Policy applicable to the Website and Third Party Services used by Customer.



9.1 TNT Travel undertakes to keep Customer's information strictly in accordance with the provisions of this Policy and the law.

9.2 TNT Travel will apply appropriate technical and security options and solutions to best protect Customer Information. Note, however, that while TNT Travel makes reasonable efforts to protect Customer Information, no site, Internet connection, computer system or wireless connection is safe. absolute. Therefore, TNT Travel can not make a firm commitment that the information provided to TNT Travel will be kept absolutely secure, and TNT Travel can not be held liable in the event of access. Unauthorized, leakage of Customer Information without the fault of TNT Travel. If Customer does not agree to the terms described above, TNT Travel recommends that Customers not send Information to TNT Travel.



10.1 Benefits:

a) Customers are guaranteed the rights and confidentiality of information that TNT Travel has committed under this Policy.

b) Customer has access to his / her Information and has the right to self-correct errors in his / her personal data or to update / supplement information to be stored on the website. Customers also have the right to delete their personal data on the site or request that TNT Travel discontinue use of personal data for marketing purposes by sending a request to discontinue receiving news and information from the website.

c) If you do not wish to receive any promotional information or promotions from TNT Travel, you may refuse your request at any time by sending a request to stop receiving information on TNT Travel's website. See the instructions at the bottom of the page.


10.2 Customer Responsibilities a) Thoroughly understand this Policy before using, accessing the TNT Travel Services, that Customer uses, access the TNT Travel Services is also a confirmation of the search. Understand and agree to the contents of this Policy.

b) Provide accurate and legal information to TNT Travel when requested and agreed to provide. Customer will be fully responsible (in no event, in whole or in part, without any affiliation with TNT Travel) if Customer Information provided to TNT Travel is inaccurate, unlawful and / or Customer's performance of the Services is interrupted, unable to perform; or the transaction between TNT Travel and Customer, between TNT Travel and a third party, between Customer and Third Party is interrupted or impossible due to technical factors, transmission lines, system failures, etc. or incurring any material or non-material damage resulting from the use of such inaccurate / misleading information.

c) Do not use any other program, tool or other form of interference in the system or alter the data structure of the Service, the interface of the website, the features of the TNT Travel website.

d) Do not distribute, disseminate or encourage any activity that interferes with, sabotages or otherwise infiltrates TNT Travel's website.

e) Do not spread, disseminate

f) All violations shall be handled according to the provisions of law.



TNT Travel respects all opinions, contact and feedback from TNT's customers on the Service as well as this policy.

For inquiries, please contact the following information:

Tan Nhat Tourist Services & Trading Limited Liability Company 

Head Office 20/423 Chi Lang, Hue City, Thua Thien Hue Province

Tel: (0234) 3935757

Fax : (0234) 3938388

Hotline: 84.911346356


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